Embossed Vacuum Bags 200mm x 200mm (100) Due 29 June

200x200mm vacuum bags from TreSpade. Ideal for use with our Takaje vac pack machines or other domestic vac packers.
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Product Details

A pack of 100 high quality embossed Vacuum Bags sized 200x200mm.

This is an extremely popular size and looks like a small square. Ideal for vac packing small items such as fruit, veg or left over meat produce. 

These pouches have an embossed back & a clear front. The embossing allowing the vac machine to suck the air from the bag making them ideal for the domestic-type small vacuum machines. Being of such high quality they also really enhance the product as well as preserving a huge range of food products. 

Product Features 

- 200x200mm.

- Embossed on one side.

- Ideal for domestic vac packers.

- 100 per pack.

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