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The Weschenfelder Chorizo kit is a great place to start making your own charcuterie. Once you have gained experience in sausage making, producing chorizo is the next step on your journey, plus it tastes pretty good to!

It comes in a beautifully packaged box with step by step instructions. From the casings to the seasoning to the culture, each ingredient is handpicked to make sure you are able to produce an authentic Spanish chorizo from your first attempt.

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Making Chorizo is easier than you think. This kit provides you with everything you need to successfully make your own Spanish style dried and fermented chorizo. The kit includes specially prepared salami/chorizo salts, chorizo seasoning, 20 yards of natural hog casings and the bessastart culture. The bessastart culture is great for kick-starting the process of fermentation and maturation.

Great for the general foodie and makes a perfect little gift for those who love experimenting in their kitchen.

If you are a total beginner we would advise having a go at making sausages before going on to chorizo. You will need a sausage stuffer or sausage attachments for a mincer to make your chorizo.

Your Box Contains: 

- 1 x 1kg Curing Salts.

- 1 x 200g Chorizo Seasoning.

- 1 x 30g Bessastart Culture Kit.

- 1 x 20yrds Natural British Hog Casings.

- Full instructions included.

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