Chorizo Seasoning

A 200g pack of high quality chorizo seasoning. 

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Traditional authentic Chorizo Seasoning in a 200g pack. This seasoning can be used in conjunction with our Salami Curing Salts & Salami Culture to make a Spanish style dried Chorizo, but it can also be used to make a fresh Chorizo using normal salt instead of a Curing Salt.

For a Spanish style Chorizo use 15 grams of Chorizo seasoning per kilo of meat along with 28grams Salami Nitrite Curing Salts and 0.6grams Bessastart Culture.

For a lovely fresh Chorizo Sausage use 15grams Chorizo Seasoning per kilo of meat along with 15grams Regular Salt.

This seasoning gives an authentic chorizo flavour that is simply delicious. 

Product Features

- 200g per pack.

- Use at a rate of 15g per Kilo

- Seasoning gives a bold chorizo flavour that is simply delicious. 

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