Chipolata British Sheep Casings 18/20mm 1 x 40Mtrs

These are chipolata sheep casings, calibre 18/20mm. They are the thinnest sheep casing we sell and are used to make chipolatas or canopé sausages.

They come salted and vacuum packed and make 40 metres of sausages which equates to 30lb (14kg) of sausages. 


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Product Details 

These are the 18/20mm Chipolata sheep casings. They come in a vacuum pouch, cured in salt. Each pack does 40 meters of sausages and will fill approximately 14kg (30lbs) of sausage. Each pack has a shelf life of around 6 months. 

These casings are ideal for making small 'Cocktail' sausages, traditional pigs in blankets, Dry Wors, Nurnbergers, & other specialty sausages that require a thin casing.

We recommend a thin 10mm nozzle for filling these casings.  

All our casings are selected to a strict A/B quality with every yard water tested prior to being cured in salt.

Product Features

- Natural British Sheep Casings.

- 18-20mm in diameter.

- Ideal for specialty sausages including traditional pigs in blankets.

- 40mtrs per pack.

- Makes 30lbs/14kg of sausages per pack. 

- Instructions provided.

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