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The Art of Drying Food

Learn the secrets to drying food with this splendid book put together by TreSpade Academy.

With various inputs from Italian chefs, this book is full of practical tips, recipes, and ideas that will open you up to the world of drying and preserving your foods. 

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Product Details 

The need to preserve foodstuffs is as old as the history of humanity. When a man turned from being a hunter into being a farmer, he realised that the fruits of the earth and his labour had to be protected so that he could enjoy them over time.

This book from TreSpade Academy reiterates its vocation as a dispenser of information by offering a tool to keep within hand's reach to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The Art of Drying Food is designed to stimulate the imagination of food lovers. The book delves into the reasons we preserve food and puts together a wealth of ideas, tips, suggestions, recipes, and secrets from the heart of Northern Italian cuisine. 

Recipes include Milanese Cannoli, Tomato Gratin, and a Classic Jerky to name a few. 

This book presents the best practices and refined techniques to help us experiment with new recipes and enhance flavours in new dishes.

The drying revolution is underway and the possibilities are endless. 

Product Contents

- A Manual That Isn't a Manual.

- Finding Out About Drying Food.

- Why Preserve FoodStuffs.

- Preservation by Water Removal.

- Air Drying.

- How To Dry Food at Home.

- Gardens, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, and much, much more.

- Practical Suggestions.

- The Right Dehydrator For You.

- Recipes.

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