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Butchers Peach Paper 250x300mm (1000)

This meat-saver peach paper which is also known as butcher paper is used to package meat and keep meat fresh extending the shelf life of the product. Whether you need to wrap a brisket, pork shoulder, or a rack of ribs, peach paper is a great way to do it. Unlike foil peach paper allows small amounts of moisture to escape from the wrap. A fantastic alternative to tinfoil and clingfilm that can be used for both cooking, storage and good presentation of your meat produce.
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Product Details

Peach paper is incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of butchery tasks. This peach paper is 250 x 300mm (10x12") and comes in boxes of 1000. 

This peach paper can be used to line counter display trays and be placed between layers of fresh meat to retain the freshness of the surface of the meat and to extend shelf life. This dramatically reduces the need to trim oxidised meat therefore reducing waste and maximising profit.

It does not break up even when wet and strips cleanly from the meat and it absorbs blood and juices which improves the appearance. Due to its high tear resistance, whole cuts including bones can be wrapped.

Known in the US as the original steak paper or meat saver paper it has been a popular choice for butchers and meat processors for years. 


Product Features

- High tear resistance and maintains features when wet.

- Absorbs blood and any residue.

- Helps to maintain freshness of the meat.

- 1000 per pack.

- Can be used for a number of butchery applications.

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