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Butcher Pack Beef Cap / Ox-Bung Casings (x 20)

A butchers pack of 20 beef caps. A grade 1A superb casing used to make large pieces of charcuterie such as large cured hams.

They are famously used for making haggis and mortadella. Each cap will hold up to 1.5kg of haggis.

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Product Details

This is the Butcher's Pack of Beef Caps / Ox-Bungs. Included in the Butcher's pack are 20 Caps cured in salt and packed in a sealed white plastic bucket.

Each Cap is approx. 80mm wide and 1mtr long. With an open-end and cap-end, these casings can be filled to the desired amount, then tied with string before cooking.

These casings are not only used for making Haggis but also can be used for continental charcuterie such as Mortadella. 

If you would like to make your own Haggis, check out our Haggis making section which includes a complete seasoning mix, so all you need to add are the 'tops' (lungs, heart, and liver) and suet.

Before use, they need to have the salt rinsed from them and then soaked in warm water for at least 1 hour prior to use or even better overnight.

Product Features

 - 20 x Beef Caps/Ox Bungs

- 80mm wide.

- Ideal for Haggis or Mortadella.

- Each cap will make 2-3kg Haggis.

- Caps come salted in a white bucket. 

- 6-12 months use by date. 

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