Butchers Quick Cure / Brining Cure 4.54kg

Quick Cure is designed specifically to cure Hams, Gammons, Ox Tongues, pigs Tongues and whole muscle meat joints.
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Our 'Quick Cure' is one of the most popular curing compounds used in the trade for Hams, Gammons, Ox-Tongues, Pigs Tongues and other whole muscle meat joints.

Ideal for immersion pickling of meats in a Brine solution. This cure come in a 4.54kg bag and will cure small Hams in 7 - 10 days or larger joints 14-21 days.

Recipe and Instructions included.

Product Features

- 4.54kg bag.

- Ideal for curing larger joints including Hams, Gammons and whole muscles joints.

- Ideal for home users and butchers.

- Recipe and instructions included.

- Made by Laycocks in Yorkshire.

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