Air Valve with Spring (Trespade Sausage Fillers)

Air Valve complete with Spring to fit into Piston of Trespade Manual Sausage Fillers.

This spring will fit the TreSpade Minnie-Plus, Mod.5 Rosso and Mod.5 De-Luxe stuffers. 

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Product Details

This is the small Air Valve complete with spring to fit into Piston of  Trespade Manual Sausage Fillers including Minnie-Plus, Standard Rosso, Mod.5 Rosso and Mod.5 De-Luxe.

Made to prevent air from getting into the meat and creating air bubbles in your sausages.

Product Features

- Small air valve.

- Fits Minnie plus and mod.5 TreSpade stuffers.

- Prevents air getting into meat.

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