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Shish/Kofta Kebab Maker - Magic Box 12

Make 12 uniform kebabs in one go with this simple little kebab-making machine. A sturdy machine from Spikomat, designed for both commercial and domestic use.
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Product Details

This is a great bit of kit from the same manufacturer who make our best selling Spikomat Burger Presses. The Magic Box 12 makes light work of making perfect uniform Shish/Kofta Kebabs. Designed by Spikomat, the Magic Box will quickly form any seasoned minced (ground) meat onto skewers. Suitable for Beef, Pork, Lamb or Chicken the weight per skewer can be changed by adding or reducing the quantity of meat mixture placed in the box.

This kebab maker will produce 12 skewers with additional forming plate sets available to change the profile of the Kebab. Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel the box can be completely dismantled for ease of cleaning.

Product Features

- Produces 12 skewers

- Makes uniform kebabs. 

- Will quickly form any seasoned meat onto skewers. 

- Ideal for beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. 

- Very easy to clean. 


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