Meat Tenderizer 900K PRO

This Trespade Meat Tenderizer is suitable for continuous kitchen use and designed to tenderize all varieties of meats, taking away the hard manual labour that this job usually involves. This machine will not only save you time but produce a more even and professional product. This 900k Pro Tenderizer is particularly popular for restaurants who make schnitzels or the famous north east chicken parmesan.
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Product Details 

The 900K PRO is designed for both high and low volume production. The motor unit is mounted on an aluminum frame, protected by a stainless steel casing.

This Meat Tenderizer Machine is suitable for continuous industrial kitchen use. The motor unit is mounted on a solid aluminum frame and has a stainless steel motor cover.

The tenderizing body can be completely disassembled making it very easy to complete cleaning once you have finished using the product.

Simply lower the meat through the unit and it is pulled through by the tenderizing blades. The blades tenderize the meat making them easier to cook with even thickness whilst retaining all the natural juices. Ideal for Schnitzels and the famous North East Chicken/Pork Parmesans.

Product Features

- Weight 27.5kg.

- Dimensions 62 x 27 x 45cm.

- Motor Power 750W.

- Cut Capacity 600000 tagli//min.

- Reduction Unit with helical hot forged and tempered steel gears in oil bath. 2 x High Resistance Steel Knives holder shaft. Stainless Steel Knives.

- Two High Resistance Stainless steel knives holder shaft.

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