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World Charcuterie Awards 2023

All over the World, there’s an appetite for and an interest in Charcuterie.
Until now, no World Awards have existed and Weschenfelder is fully here to support the Awards in their inaugural year.

The World Charcuterie Awards will create a unique opportunity for Charcutiers from all over the world to put their products to the test.  From the usual suspects of Italy, France or Spain to America or Australia, this is a chance for the World of Charcuterie to come together and celebrate the amazing produce and flavours they create.

With a comprehensive range of classes that cover all types of Charcuterie, why not look down the list and see which class your products should be entered into?

A Gold Medal will be awarded to all products scoring 100-90 points, a Silver Medal for all products
scoring 80-89 points and a Bronze Medal for all products scoring 70-79 points. There will also be a Best of Class awarded to the highest scoring product within each class


Class 1
Cured, Air-Dried & Ready-to-Eat Whole Muscle Products

Based on the whole muscle these are cured and air-dried products that may or may not be cold-smoked. This class includes traditional products such as raw cured hams (prosciutto-style, jamon Iberico, jamon Serrano etc), Lomo, cold-smoked duck breasts or Coppa etc.


Class 2
Cured & Cooked Whole Muscle Products
 Based on the whole muscle these need cooking – roasted, boiled, baked or hot-smoked – before eating. This class includes cooked Hams, salt beef, smoked Chicken or Game etc.


Class 3
Cured, Fermented & Air Dried Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products

These are traditional Salami and other ground meat products that may or may not be cold-smoked. 


Class 4
Cured & Cooked Sausage Products

Based on cured sausage products these need cooking – typically poached or hot-smoked- before eating. This class includes Bologna, Mortadella, Luncheon Meats and hot-smoked Kielbasa etc.


Class 5
Soft & Spreadable Products

These are made from cured and/or preserved meats. This class includes Pates, Parfaits, Potted Meats and Rillettes as well as products such as ‘Nduja, Lard, Sobresada etc.


Class 6
Cured Bacon

These may be green, cold- or hot-smoked but will need cooking before eating. This class includes streaky, shoulder or back bacon as well as rashers from other meats, poultry and game such as beef, duck etc.


Class 7
Worldwide Regional Products

This class includes regional products from any country such as Hogs Pudding, Bath Chaps & Lincolnshire Chine from the UK, Szalonna from Hungary, Figatellu from Corsica, Boudin noir from France etc.


Class 8
Snacking Charcuterie

This class recognises the huge growth in the market for snacking Charcuterie products and includes salami sticks, snacking salami, mini salamis, biltong, jerky, scratchings, thins, fritons etc.

Please note: as well as winning a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal and the Best-in-Class Award, top-scoring products will automatically be put forward for all relevant Star Awards. Products cannot be entered directly for the Star Awards and will only be considered once the judging of the classes is completed


Best Cured, Fermented & Air Dried Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products made in the UK
Awarded to the highest-scoring product from Class 3 made in Great Britain.

Best Game Product
Awarded to the highest scoring product made with a proportion of game.

Best Product from Northern Ireland
Awarded to the highest-scoring product made in Northern Ireland.

 Best Traditional or Heritage Breed Product
Awarded to the highest-scoring product made with meat from Traditional or Heritage breeds* using a traditional recipe. *Traditional or Heritage breed is one that has existed for more than one hundred years.

British Rising Star
Awarded to a producer aged under 30 years old or who has been making charcuterie for less than 2 years.

What It Means to win a Medal
Winning a Medal in the World Charcuterie Awards means recognition of the quality and best practices of your products

A Medal brings

- Proof of the taste, quality, integrity and standards of your products. It allows the use of the prestigious award on your website, social media platforms & packaging bringing prestige and recognition for your Charcuterie products.

- Increases sales and is a great team morale booster, as well as being commercially valuable to you as a producer by opening doors to retail & food service buyers and to consumers - Charcuterie Lovers.

- Creates a point of distinction for your products with opportunities for local, national and international PR and social media.

- All products entered into the World Charcuterie Awards will receive valuable feedback from expert judges.

When Can You Enter?
Early-bird entry goes live - Monday 28th November 2022 on the official


Entry is only for pre-registered businesses or businesses supported by our sponsors and will be at an early-bird price of £50.00 per product
To register now to guarantee entry – click here

Main entry goes live - Monday 12th December 2022
Entry is now open to all comers
From now onwards please note, whilst every effort will be made, we cannot guarantee space for your entry

Price Increase - Monday 2nd January 2023
Entry will now cost £60.00 (an increase of £10.00 per product)
This price increase applies regardless of whether a producer has pre-registered or not

Entries close Sunday 30th January at midnight


Every business entering The Awards will be eligible for a discount of one-third for an entry into the CharcuterieLovers World Directory (information to follow)

Find Out More
To find out more about the World Charcuterie Awards, head to their Official Website.

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