Butcher Pack Beef Runners 1A 40/43 (10 x 18mtrs)

This is a trade pack of the Weschenfelder Grade 1A 40/43mm wide beef casings. Ideal for use with Black pudding, White Pudding, and Bologna.

The trade pack is made up of 10 18-metre beef runners which come salted in a traditional white bucket.

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Product Details

This Grade 1A 40/43mm wide beef runner produces a natural curve to the end product. This makes them ideal for making traditional Black Pudding, White Pudding, and Bologna. It is strong-walled and produces a fine sheen on the finished product which really makes it stand out. Each runner will make approx. 16kg (36lb) of sausage.

Before use, they need to have the salt rinsed from them and then soaked in warm water for at least 1 hour or even better overnight.


Product Features

- Grade 1A 40/43mm Beef Runners.

- Ideal for making black pudding amongst other products.

- 10 x 18mtr hanks.

- Casings are packed into a white bucket for easy storage and use.


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