Pork Pie Making Kit

Ever thought about making your own pork pies from scratch but couldn't get hold of the right ingredients? Well look no further this simple little kit has everything you need to produce the perfect British pork pies.
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Make your own traditional Pork Pie with our special Pork Pie Curing Salts and Seasonings Kit. 

The pack has all the key ingredients to make your own pork pies time and time again.

The pack includes;

- 1 x 200g Pork Pie Seasoning

- 1 x 200g Pork Pie Cure

- 1 x 200g Jelflavel Gelatine

- 3 x Pie Tins

To ensure you nail Pork Pies first time around, it comes with full instructions for both curing the meat and making a hot crust pastry. The cure will make a traditional 'pink' pie. Use the seasoning and cure at the rate of 11grams per kg of meat. Makes a good gift for anybody who loves making traditional foods.

Product Features

- High quality pork pie tins made in the UK. Wash with warm soapy water before use. Do not leave to stand in water. Not suitable for dishwashers.

- Seasoning and Cure make a traditional pork pie.

- Recipe included with instructions.

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