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Our Gluten Free bundle was made for those foodies who require a gluten-free diet. This bundle is packed with 2 delicious sausage mixes, GF Honeyroast and GF Lincolnshire, as well as our most popular GF, Burger mix the GF Burger 80. 

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These Gluten-Free Mixes give you the opportunity to make a traditional British sausage or burger without having to resort to a 100% meat content recipe that is often too dense and dry for our palate. The Gluten-Free Sausage Mixes contain Dried Potato Flakes and Brown Soya Mince to substitute the Rusk or Bread Crumbs that are normally used in British style sausages, and the Gluten-Free Burger Mix uses Dried Potato Flake and Ground Rice to substitute for the rusk/wheatflour normally used as a binder. The packs are complete mixes with herbs and spices and seasoning included.

Each mix will make a 20lb batch of delicious sausages or a 10lb batch of burgers, all you need to do is add meat and water. 

The Gluten-Free Bundle includes:

1 x Gluten Free Honeyroast Complete Mix (1.362Kg)

1 x Gluten Free Lincolnshire Complete Mix (1.362Kg)

1 x Gluten Free Burger 80 Mix (340g)

Recipes are included with the mixes.

Product Features

- x2 sausage mixes and x1 burger mix.

- Ideal for making Gluten-Free Sausages and burgers.

- Recipes included. 


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