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The FC2022 HALO PH Tester

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Product Details

The FC2022 HALO is an innovative, application specific pH electrode with Bluetooth Smart technology designed for food processing companies that need to monitor the pH of their product for quality and compliance.

This PH Tester comes with some great features including:

- Conic Bulb - Allowing for easy penetration into soft solids and semi-solids. 

- Low-Temperature glass. - This offers a fast and accurate measurement of refrigerated products.

- Open Junction - Resists clogging and provides fast response time.   

- Gel-filled reference - Maintenance free with no fill solutions required.

- Built-in temperature sensor - High accuracy temperature compensated measurements.

Conical Bulb

The conical shaped tip design allows for the easy penetration of the sensor into soft solids and semi-solids such as cheeses, yogurt, meats and sauces. The shape makes the electrode easier to clean.

Low Temperature Glass

The glass tip is made with low temperature (LT) glass formulation that has a lower resistance than standard glass types used with ordinary pH electorodes. This is beneficial since many food products are stored at low temperatures. The FC2022 HALO is suitable to be used for measurements between 0 to 60°C.

Open Junction Design

The open junction design consists of a solid gel (viscolene) interface between the sample and internal reference. This interface not only prevents silver from entering the sample, but also makes it impermeable to clogging from food products, maintaining a fast response and stable reading. 

Maintenance Free Gel-Filled Reference

Because the internal reference is gel, there is no fill solution to replenish as the probe is used. Other than a routine calubration and cleaning, this is a maintenance free probe. 

Built-in Temperature Sensor

The thermistor temperature sensor built into the tip of the pH electrode. A thermistor based temperature sensor provides a high accuracy temperature while being in the tip of the electrode allows for a rapid temperature compensated measurement. 

Halo from Hanna Instruments Ltd on Vimeo.

This Product is Supplied with the following:

- 2 x 20ml sachets of pH 4.01 buffer solution.

- 2 x 20ml sachets of pH 7.01 buffer solution.

- 1 x 20ml sachet of cleaning solution.

- 1 x 30ml bottle of storage solution.

- Battery. 

Product Specs

- The pH range: 0 to 12 pH

- Accuracy: ±0.005 pH; ±0.3 mV; ±0.5°C

- Overall length: 134mm

- Environment: 0 - 50°C Electronic module is not waterproof.

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