Neck Tie Bag Sealer Machine

Great peice of packaging equipment, this neck tie sealer machine ensures the produce in your bags stay dry.

This dispenser has a durable metal frame and a trimming blade for excess bag neck. 

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Product Details 

Ideal little machine for sealing HT and Poly Bags with coloured sealing tape called lassoo tapes.

Simply create the neck at the top of the bag by spinning the bag around, draw through the open bag and the tape will dispense around the top of the bag and automatically cut and seal. As used in most butchering and meat cutting rooms, also delis and fruit shops.

The dispenser can be fixed to any horizontal or vertical surface, and is suitable for tapewidths 9-12mm. 

Product Features

- This machine takes between 9mm and 12mm wide tapes.

- Fits up to 132m length rolls.

- Use with HT bags or Poly bags. 

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