Gluten Free Burger 80 Mix

Based on the very popular burger 80 recipe, this is a great seasoning for those who need to follow a gluten free diet.

A classic seasoning with that combines salt, pepper and a few other spices to produce a traditional farmhoust styled burger.

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This is a classic Burger Mix that is available as a Gluten Free alternative.

The Gluten Free Burger 80 Mix uses Dried Potato Flake and Ground Rice to substitute for the rusk/wheatflour normally used as a binder, along with salt, pepper, and spices to make a traditional style burger. 

The result is a beautifully tasting burger that oozes flavours you would expect from a farmhouse burger. If you want an all-round family pleaser then this is the burger seasoning for you. 

Product Features

- 340g in a pack.

- Enough to make 10lb (4.5kg) Burgers. 

- Contains potato flake and ground rice as a substitute for rusk. 

- This mix is gluten free

- Ingredients list available upon request.

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