Hukki Collagen Casings Plain 50/30 (x25)

Hukki Collagen Casings are a non-edible casing. Hukki is an artificial casing consisting of collagen, reinforced by silk or nylon tube.

With this casing, all kinds of dry sausage, i.e. air-dried, smoked, and moulded salami can be produced.

These casings have a diameter of 50mm and are 30cm in length.

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Product Details 

These non-edible Hukki Casings are ideal for Salami and other dried sausages. They are made from hardened Collagen/ Beef Protein.

Plain and look superb when filled, the 50/30 are 50mm diameter by 30cm in length. Clipped and tied at one end with white string, ready for filling. They come in packs of 25.

HUKKI traditional has a matte surface and a clear appearance so you are able to see what is inside. There is no unnatural gloss, making the visual appearance stand out to the end customers.

This collagen casing offers a textile reinforcement with high stability and safe fermenting of your sausage. Best of all, HUKKI is extremely user–friendly. The filling process with HUKKI casings is easy and the casing is simply wonderful to peel.

Product Features

- Traditional Hukki casing

- 50mm in diameter.

- 30cm in length.

- Ideal for salami or dried sausages.

- Clipped and tied at one end.

- Easy to fill and peel.

- Great for fermenting sausage. 

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