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Dried Blood 20kg Sack

20kg sack of dried dutch pigs blood. This product can be used to make black pudding, blood sausages, boudin noir and anything in between. 

Ideal for anyone wanting to make the above products at a commercial level.  

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Product Details

The dried pigs blood is a fine black powder and a great alternative to fresh blood which is notoriously hard to obtain in small quanitites. The 20kg sacks are ideal for butchers or any commercial scale charcuterie producers who would to make their own black pudding or continental sausages that do require pigs blood. 

The key with using this product is to mix with warm water and vigorous stirring prior to use. 

Product Features

- 20kg dried Dutch pigs blood.

- Ideal for making Black pudding, boudin noir blood sausages and more. 

- Cannot be shipped to outside of the UK due to this product being an animal product. 

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