Leonards Beef & Red Onion Burger Mix

Take your burgers to the next level with this smashing mix from Leonards. The red onion provides heaps of flavour and is ideal for making a premium burger.
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Plenty of red onion & nutmeg makes this great with beef, venison, or even buffalo. This mix is truly a great family pleaser and brings oodles of flavour to any table. Ideal for any time of the year.

These mixes are sold in trade packs: 1 x 5lb Tub made up of 5 x 454g packs. (Makes 50lb of burgers)

Product Features

- Nutmeg and pepper are the main spices of this mix.

- Colourful with visual red onion pieces.

- Versatile with both beef and game meats.

- Simply add the mix to meat and water before forming into burgers.

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