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Vacuum Packing Machines

Choose from our high-quality range of vacuum machines used at both a domestic and commercial level.

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  1. ETI Sous Vide Water Bath - for Sous Vide Cooking
    Excl. VAT £145.00 Incl. VAT £174.00

    It couldn’t be easier to cook food to perfection with this water bath for Sous Vide - simply vacuum seal food in a sealed bag. Place the bag in the water bath, and set the temperature and time. The temperature can be set between 30 and 90 °C and time between 0 and 99 hours. The water bath will precisely maintain the temperature of the water ensuring the food is cooked through without being under or overcooked. This compact, 8-litre capacity stainless steel sous vide water bath features an easy to read LED touch screen control panel which allows the user to set both the temperature and the cooking time. A stainless steel lid and wire rack is included to keep the sealed bags separate during the cooking process. Learn More
  2. Vacuum Pouch/Bag Loader
    Excl. VAT £336.00 Incl. VAT £403.20

    The Vacuum Pouch Loader speeds packing & improves product presentation by reducing grease marking to the bag & helps to make the vacuum seal more effective. This product is ideal for packing Bacon, Hams ,Fish ,Dairy & other deli products that are difficult to get into a bag neatly,& where hygiene is paramount.

    Manufactured from stainless steel  the loader can be removed easily & quickly from its bracket for sterilization.

    Learn More
  3. Henkelman Jumbo 42 Vacuum Packer
    Excl. VAT £1,285.00 Incl. VAT £1,542.00

    The most popular of Henkleman's table top vacuum machines Learn More
  4. T40 Turbovac Vacuum Packing Machine (16 pump)
    Excl. VAT £1,350.00 Incl. VAT £1,620.00

    The Turbovac Range of Vacuum Machines are without doubt the most popular Commercial Vacuum packers on the UK Market & the STE machines are top of their range ,constructed in stainless steel with a Busch pump . This is a quality machine that we are proud to sell with full confidence in its performance & reliability. The Table-Top T40 is by far our best selling Commercial Vacuum Machine & is ideal for Butchers,Farmshops,Delis,& other more specialised applications such as Laboratories.

    Learn More
  5. T-43 Professional Vacuum Machine (Out of stock Due 2nd August)
    Excl. VAT £395.00 Incl. VAT £474.00

    The T-43 Professional Vacuum machine is ideal for any commercial application, including catering establishments, hotels, restaurants, and butchery or other artisan food producers. Structured in stainless steel the T-43 has four cycles including; automatic cycle, manual cycle, suction for jars cycle and sealing cycle. Learn More
  6. Takaje Deluxe Vacuum Machine
    Excl. VAT £175.00 Incl. VAT £210.00

    The Deluxe Takaje Vacuum Machine.  Produced in Stainless Steel this Deluxe version extends the range of Takaje Vacuum machines. It is ideally suited for a small catering establishment, restaurants, and artisan producers of traditional foods, or to enhance your kitchen.

    Learn More
  7. Takaje Vacuum Machine
    Excl. VAT £136.00 Incl. VAT £163.20

    Takahe Vacuum Packing Machine Learn More
  8. Limited edition Black Takaje Vacuum Machine
    Excl. VAT £136.00 Incl. VAT £163.20

    This is a limited edition Takaje Vacuum Machine with a black body giving this machine an ultra classy look. Learn More
  9. Wendy Premium Vacuum Packing Machine
    Excl. VAT £105.00 Incl. VAT £126.00

    The Wendy Premium from TreSpade combines state-of-the-art vacuum packaging practices with presentation elegance and ease of operation. It has a classy Italian aura about it with it's slick compact design which is matched by its practicality. This vac packer is great for using on the go with a 12V cigarette lighter included with the machine, meaning you can use it in the car, motorhome or even vac packing fish on the boat. Learn More
  10. Wendy Vacuum Packing Machine
    Excl. VAT £82.50 Incl. VAT £99.00

    Food is an important part of life and it’s no secret that the Italians have a special relationship with it. Vacuum packing is an extraordinary process that allows food to last longer and to preserve all its nutritive properties in peak conditions. The Wendy Vac Pack machine from TreSpade combines state-of-the-art vacuum packaging practices with presentation elegance and ease of operation. It keeps the form and taste of food intact, combining economics with hygiene and ecology! Learn More

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10 Item(s)