200 x 200 Commercial Vacuum Bags (200)

200 top quality 200x200mm commercial vacuum bags. Clear on both sides with a strength of 75 microns.
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Product Details 

High-Quality Clear Vacuum Pouches are suitable for use with commercial vacuum machines. 

This size is 200x200mm and is essentially a small to medium-sized square shape ideal for packing various meats, vegetables, and other food produce. 

These are top-of-the-range pouches ideal for packaging a wide range of food products including meats & bacon for Farmers Markets, cheeses, vegetables, sauces and dried products. They will enhance your products as well as preserving and extending their shelf life.  

They come in packs of 200 in a box easy for storage.

Product Features 

- 200 per pack.

- Size - 200x200mm.

- 75 micron. 

- Prevents freezer burn.

Please note the bags are suitable for commercial vac-packers only.

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