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Takaje Pompetta Vacuum Pump

Want the goods in your containers or jars to store for longer?

This clever little Takaje Pompetta pump will do just that, taking the air out of the container to prolong your produce for longer. 

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Product Details

This clever Takaje Pompetta Vacuum Pump allows you to extend the life of your jar or container goods with ease, prolonging their freshness and storage life.

The 18cm long pump is simple to use; just push and pierce the metal lid of the jar with the sealing cap, place the Pompetta pump over the cap and in a few pulls the air will be expelled and a sealed vacuum will be created in the jar in no time at all.

The Takaje Pompetta Vacuum Pump is supplied with 2 sealing caps which can be used again and again. 

Product Features

- Length - 18cm.

- Supplied with 2 sealing caps.

- Simple to use.

- Removes air from jars extending the life of the produce inside.

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