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Trade Packs

Use the links below to view the details of our trade packs of sausage seasonings and add the product to your shopping cart.
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  1. Weschenfelder Gold

    Weschenfelder Gold Pork Seasoning 3kg (Trade Pack)

    Excl. VAT £12.15 Incl. VAT £12.15

    Our award-winning and extremely popular pork seasoning will produce a succulent English Style sausage. This is by far our most popular seasoning & we would recommend it to anyone from total sausage making beginner or old school butcher for a top class sausage.

    Learn More
  2. Daltons Pork Pie Seasoning

    Daltons Pork Pie Seasoning

    Excl. VAT £62.50 Incl. VAT £62.50

    This is a traditional pork pie seasoning with nutmeg and a hint of chilli. Makes a succulent pork pie with oodles of flavour can you add to an experiment with. Learn More
  3. Pork Pie Jeflavel Super Savoury Gelatine

    Pork Pie Jeflavel Super Savoury Gelatine

    Excl. VAT £27.50 Incl. VAT £27.50

    Gelatine is a protein which is used in various products for filling and decorating. It has the ability of forming rigid gels when solutions are cooled. This product is useful, particularly in pies where pastry and gelatine can significantly uplift overall eating quality. Learn More
  4. Lorne Sausage

    Lorne Sausage Seasoning

    Regular Price: £12.50

    Special Price Excl. VAT £10.00 Incl. VAT £10.00

    You Save: £2.50 (20%)

    This Lorne Sausage seasoning makes a beautiful traditional Scottish square sausage packed full of flavour. The seasoning includes nutmeg, coriander, black pepper, pimento and paprika giving your Lorne Sausage one healthy kick of flavour. Learn More
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