Lincolnshire Gluten Free Sausage Mix

This mix is the ideal sausage mix for making your gluten free Lincolnshire sausage without compromising on flavour. Often Gluten free sausages can be dry due to many of them being 100% meat content. The potato flakes and potato starch which substitute the rusk (breadcrumbs) in this mix ensure that the end product is easy on the palate. 


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The Lincolnshire Gluten Free Mix will produce a good quality traditional Lincolnshire sausage with pepper and sage being the main herbs in this mix.

The Gluten Free Lincolnshire Mix contains Dried Potato Flake and Potato Starch to substitute for the Rusk or Bread Crumbs that are normally used in British style sausages, and is complete with added seasonings and herbs.

Each 1.362kg pack will make 20lb (9kg) batch of sausages. All you need to add is meat and water.

Product Features

- 1.362kg in a pack.

- Each pack will make 20lb batch of sausages.

- Potato flake and Potato startch substitute the breadcrumbs found in a traditional british sausage.

- Ideal for gluten free diet. 


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