Sanelli Flexible Fillet Knife (16cm) Premana

This is the flexible filleting knife designed for filleting small to medium-sized fish including perch, small trout, and sole.
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Product Details

From the Sanelli Premana collection, this is a Flexible filleting knife used for small and medium-sized fish. (e.g. perch, small trout, sole). It's blade length is 16cm and offers users flexibility and great cutting power with a long edge life. The blade itself has an excellent sharpening potential.

The handle offers a unique ergonomic design that reduces users fatigue. The soft yet rough material of the handle makes this knife extremely slip resistant. The handles weight is beautifully balanced with the blade making this knife a joy to use. 

Its iconic Sanelli green handle makes the knife easily identifiable and stands out like a sore thumb on a worksurface increasing safety. 

Recommended for both domestic and commercial use. 

Sanelli Premana Professional knives are patent-protected in Europe and the USA.


Product Features

- Perfect for filleting small to medium-sized fish.

- These knives are made of well-sharpened carbon steel. 

- Can easily be sharpened back into their original sharpness.

- Dish Washer Friendly.

- Made in Italy.

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