Sack Ripon Orange Crumb 72 (25kg)

Orange Crumb 72 in a 25kg Sack is perfect for the Middlesbrough Parmo and Schnitzels. Dark orange in colour, this crumb makes a beautiful coating to cover your meat with.
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Product Details

This Orange Crumb 72 comes in a 25kg sack. Made using the finest ingredients, it is manufactured from wheat flour, salt, yeast & natural food dyes or spices to colour the crumb. Made by Ripon Select Foods in North Yorkshire, this Deep Orange Coloured Crumb is perfect for Schnitzels and the traditional North East Parmo.

Keep in a dry environment or large sealed container and this Crumb will last for at least 12 months.

Product Features

- 25kg Sack.

- Deep Orange Colour.

- Ideal for Parmos and Schnitzels.

- Lasts at least 12 month in dry conditions.

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