Professional Weschenfelder Cure No.2 (500g)

Weschenfelder Cure no.2 is a professional cure aimed at experienced charcuterie makers. Our Cure No.2 can be used to follow recipes that call for Cure 2, or Prague Powder No.2, or Insta Cure No.2. Each pack contains 500g.
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Our packs of Cure No.1 and Cure No.2 are professional cures aimed at experienced users and require accurate digital scales to measure out precise quantities and also require additional PVD or Coarse Sea Salt to mix and dilute.

Cure 2 is for curing any type of meat that will go on to be air dried and not cooked, such as Salami and other dried sausages and air-dried meats.

It contains 89.75% salt and 6.25% sodium nitrite and 4% nitrate. Always follow a trusted curing recipe when using these cures which contain higher percentages of Nitrite and nitrate than our regular cures (i.e Salami Curing Salts, Supacure or Laycocks Dry Cure or our Quick Brining cures which are all pre-blended under licence).

Always store in a sealed and well marked container.


Air dried meats eg Coppa

3% salt 30gm

0.25-0.5% cure #2 MAX 5gm

35gm per kg of meat (plus spices)

Fermented meats eg Salami

2.5-3% Salt 25-30 gm

0.25% cure #2 2.5gm

27.5 – 32.5gm per kg of meat

** Please note, this product is recommended for experienced users only**

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