Pork & Chestnut Seasoning

A terrific sausage seasoning packed with chestnuts to bring a nutty blend to your festive sausage. 

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This is an extremely popular seasoning that is packed full of flavour and great for a festive sausage. The nutty blend of chestnuts brings a luxurious element to the sausage and can be teamed with dried cranberries or apricots if you are looking to experiment with this mix. 

Ideal for a winter casserole or even a potential seasoning for those epic pigs in blankets around Christmas.

This seasoning is best used with pork but can also be used with game meats.

Product Features

- 227g per pack.

- Makes 20lbs of sausages.

- Simply add to mince, rusk, and water to make a perfect sausage.

- Fill into chipolata or sheep casings. 

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