Lucas Lamb and Mint Complete Mix

This Lucas Lamb & Mint Sausage Mix is a free-flowing blend of seasoning and rusk with visual mint and rosemary. The mint and and Rosemary give a great flavour profile to the sausage uplifting and combining beautifully with the lamb.
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Lamb is perfect any time of year but is less traditional in a sausage. Lamb sausages are a perfect way to use up any leftover lamb-off cuts that you may have. This complete mix has a well-balanced succulent and flavoursome profile. The mint adds a slight acidity whilst cutting through the richness of the lamb. 

This is a complete sausage mix, so you just need to add meat and water. 

Each pack comes in a 0.567kg bag and will make a 10lb batch of sausages. 

Product Features

- Well-balanced flavour profile to uplift your lamb sausages.

- Complete mix which includes seasoning and rusk.

- 0.567kg pack.

- Makes a 10lb batch. 

- Made by Lucas.

- Recipe on pack.

Please note this mix has a BBD of 15/3/22
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