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Laycock's Dry Bacon Sweet Cure 2kg

2kg bag of quality Laycock Sweet Bacon Cure. This cure is made up of Salt, Sugar and the nitrite and nitrates which helps to preserve the bacon whilst also giving it a that pink colour. 

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Product Details

Make your own Home Dry Cured Bacon with this real old fashioned, easy to use sweet cure. Laycocks sweet bacon cure is supplied in a 2kg pack and provides enough to cure approximately 27kg+ of bacon. Simply apply this ready made cure at 5% to the weight of your meat. i.e. if your meat is 1kg, apply 50g of cure.

This cure is a plain cure with added white sugar giving you a lovely added sweetness to your bacon.

It takes aproximately 5-7 days depending on the size of your meat. A recipe and full instructions is supplied with each pack of cure to make sure you nail it first time round.

The cure contains Salt, and Preservatives E250 (Sodium nitrite) and E251 (Sodium Nitrate). These preservatives ensure the bacon is cured safely and the bacon maintains that pink colour we are acustomed to.

Product Features 

- 2kg pack.

- Dry Sweet bacon cure.

- Contains White Sugar, Nitrite and Nitrates.

- Recipe and instructions supplied with the pack.

- Made by Laycocks in Yorkshire.

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