American Style Butchers Saw 17.5"

This American Style 17.5" Cutting Saw is the best on the market and is hugely popular throughout the Butchery industry. It's stainless steel frame gives it a strong, sturdy finish and makes it very easy to maintain.

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When you pick up this saw you instantly sense that this is the finest cutting instrument of it's kind you've ever held in your hand. 

Your hand wraps firmly and naturally around the contours of the pistol-grip handle. The handle is made of non-porous, virtually indestructible plastic that repels meat acids, stains, and bacteria. The saw and blade are easy to clean and handle whilst cleaning which is great from a sanitary point of view.

The precision alignment from grip to tip makes for the most accurate smooth, clean and effortless cuts.

The lever makes switching blades as easy as a flick of the switch. Simply unlock the leaver, replace the blade and re-lock the lever which automatically maintains just the right amount of blade tension.

The teeth of the blades are precision ground for maximum sharpness and the set is controlled to exact tolerances for fast, easy cutting. The thin slot of the frame keeps the blade rigid and stable, insuring for straight precise cuts.

The blade comes as standard on the saw.

We also supply spare 17.5" blades for when a replacement is required. 

Product Features

- 17.5" saw. 

- Precision ground cut blades.

- Handle built for a Natural firm grip. 

- Stainless steel frame.

- Easy to maintain. 

- Made in France.

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