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Swiss Chopper 23cm 68283-23R

A must-have for professional butchers! This is a beautifully made stainless steel Swiss-style cleaver. Characterized by its powerful cutting performance, this cleaver has a blade with a straight back and a length of 23 centimeters.
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Product Details

Equipped with a thick stainless steel blade, this Fischer chopper is made with durability in mind.

This cleaver is the ideal tool to cut through boned joints and carcasses. It is also useful for cutting the tendons and articulation of big pieces of meat.

With a 23cm blade and a weight of 788g, this chopper is light compared to anything else on the market and therefore is very easy to master the chopping techniques and users will gain confidence very fast with this tool. 

The dual molded ergonomic design of the handle enables you to have a firm and comfortable grip, crucial when using such a heavy-duty knife. 

Product Features

- Stainless steel blade.

- Double molded handle. 

- The blade is 23cm in length. 


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