Dried Natural Hog Casings (70mm - 8m)

These are the naturally dried hog casings produced for making charcuterie products. These casings have a calibre of 70mm and are 8mtrs long. The casings come on one individual rod.
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Product Details

These are natural dried hog casings with a width of 70mm and a length 8 metres.

They are formed to achieve perfect calibers and exact measurements offering the user a consistent and uniform end product. This casing is great for users who want streamlined product such as a wide salami, pepperoni or any other air-dried products.

As the casings keep their shape from end to end, there is no wastage. Subsequently, these casings offer the perfect substitute for natural hog or beef middle casings. As these casings are supplied dried they do not smell and last indefinitely kept in a dry place. To use the product, simply soak the casings in warm water (ideally between 40-42°C) for 1 minute. This helps to perfectly extract the casing from the spool and enhance elasticity and increase its resistance. 

With this product, you will receive 1 rod.

Please note the tubes are shorter than the image shows. 

Advantages of Dried Natural Casings

- 100% natural casings.

- It does not need to be stored cold. 

- Homogenous Caliber. 

- Improves production processes as they have streamlined thanks to the characteristics of the product.

- Very Robust. 

- Improves curing processes and adaptability of the final product. 

- Easy handling as you only have to temporarily soak before stuffing.

Product Features 

- 8 metre rod.

- No Smell.

- Streamlined.

- Robust casing.

- Perfect calibers and exact measurements every time.

- Last indefinitely.

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