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Curing & Charcuterie Kits

Choose from our extensive range of charcuterie making kits below. These kits making the ideal gift for the foodie. All kits come in a gift box with everything you need as well as a handy recipe sheet with instructions. We have kits to make Salami, Chorizo, Bacon, Haggis & Black Pudding.
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  1. Complete Salami & Chorizo Making Kit

    Complete Salami & Chorizo Making Kit

    Excl. VAT £30.00 Incl. VAT £30.00

    Salami and Chorizo Kit Learn More
  2. Salami Kit

    Complete Salami Kit

    Excl. VAT £16.00 Incl. VAT £16.00

    This pack contains everything you need to make your own Salami. Included in the kit is a Curing Salt that has been produced specifically for non-cooked dry cured products such as Salami or Chorizo, The curing salt produces a beautifully cured end product when you follow the recipe and instructions. 

    Learn More
  3. Complete Chorizo Kit

    Complete Chorizo Kit

    Excl. VAT £15.50 Incl. VAT £15.50

    Making Chorizo is easier than you think. This kit provides you with everything you need to successfully make your own Spanish style dried and fermented chorizo. The kit includes specially prepared salami/chorizo salts, chorizo seasoning, 20 yards of natural hog casings and the bessastart culture. The bessastart culture is great for kick-starting the process of fermentation and maturation. Learn More
  4. Curing Starter Kit

    Curing Starter Kit

    Excl. VAT £24.95 Incl. VAT £29.94

    Curing Starter Kit Learn More
  5. Pork Pie Making Kit

    Pork Pie Making Kit

    Excl. VAT £25.50 Incl. VAT £25.50

    This Pork Pie Making Kit offers the hobbyist the chance to make their own pork pies similar to what you would buy in a butchers shop. Seasoning, Cure, and tins are all included, all you need is just some good quality meat. Learn More
  6. Black Pudding Making Kit

    Black Pudding Making Kit

    Excl. VAT £14.50 Incl. VAT £14.50

    New in stock

    Our new Black Pudding kit includes every thing you will need to make your own black pudding. The mix includes the dried pigs blood, seasonings, oats etc....all to a superb Scottish Recipe......plus the Natural Ox-Runners with which to make an authentic Black Pudding. The Ox-Runner is approx. 40/43mm wide & will give the Pudding a nice curve to make a 'Bury Ring' if required.

    Included is

    Learn More
  7. Haggis Making Kit

    Haggis Making Kit

    Excl. VAT £11.50 Incl. VAT £11.50

    Our Haggis kit includes everything you will need to make your own Haggis apart from the meat. Included in this little kit is 1kg of Weschenfelder Haggis Mix, 2 x Natural Beef Cap casings and a recipe sheet to make sure you nail it the first time around. The kit supplies enough to make 10lbs of beautiful homemade Haggis. All you to do is add dried suet, cooked tops/lights (i.e. Heart, Lungs, and Liver) and stock. Our seasoning is made in Scotland to an old tried and trusted recipe, so it will be sure to impress. Learn More
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