Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages

We have had this new book especially printed in the UK and are really excited that we have found such an authorative and extensive guide to the production of quality Sausages, Salami and Cured meats either at home or on a small scale commercially. This is a comprehensive one-volume reference which bridges the gap between technical textbooks for the industry and the requirements of the serious hobbyist.

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In total there are 172 recipes that have been chosen for their originality and historical value, but the book also urges the reader to use the knowledge of the process of sausage making to branch out and to create their own recipes.

The book is written by Stanley and Adam Marianski who have drawn on their Polish ancestry and long history of making quality traditional sausages. 

Also covered in the book;  Apply and making your own cures.  Smoking of meats.  Fresh, smoked, emulsified, and fermented sausages.  Blood and Liver Sausages. Hams Bacon and Loins. Air Died products such as Jerky, Biltong, and Pemmican.

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