Sanelli Carbon Steel Bone Saw

This 45cm (17.5') Italian Sanelli Saw is a butcher's best friend and an excellent tool for cutting bones, portioning large animals and cutting through joints of meat such as poultry, lamb, game, fish and more. The saw has a detachable stainless steel blade.
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Product Details

Whether you are a Butcher or Home user who deals with carcasses or big joints of meat on a regular basis, this Sanelli Butchers Saw is a tool that will make your life easier. 

It's a pure simple design that is finished off with Italian finesse to ensure the professional user has long-lasting comfort using this saw.

The detachable blade is made from stainless steel, giving users a better cutting performance than saws with standard blades. After use, simply clean it by hand and wipe it with a dry cloth. The blade should never be left sitting in any sort of damp humid environment.

This saw has a beautiful ergonomic handle that fits perfectly inside the user's hand allowing users to be able to use this saw for long periods of time whilst avoiding muscular strains or injury. 

This saw is made by Sanelli, an Italian brand that prides itself on manufacturing knives and tools that are suitable for intensive usage in professional environments.

Product Features

- 45cm (17.5') carbon steel saw.

- Stainless Steel blade.

- Ideal for butchers and professional users.

- Made in Italy.


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