Oven Thermometer

A classic stainless steel oven thermometer to give you exact measurements. Ideal for chefs, cooks who need to take temperature checks on a regular basis.

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Product Details

This ETI Oven thermometer in stainless steel featuring a clear Ø55mm dial with colour-coded zones. The green marker indicates the minimum temperature that heated display units should be kept at. The thermometer indicates temperature over the range of 0 to 300°C in 10°C divisions.

The case measures 45 x 65 x 80mm.

The unit can be free-standing or hung from a shelf and should be positioned in the middle of the oven for the most accurate temperature reading.

Product Features

- Stainless steel free standing temp gauge.

- Range - 0 to 300°C.

- Ideal for chefs or home cooks. 

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