Chainmail 5 Finger Protective Glove

Stop those punctures, cuts and stabs with this superb Honeywell chainmesh glove. This is lightweight and flexible and it can also be reversed therefore can be used on either hand.

Ideal for anyone who works with knives day in day out. 


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Product Details

The Honeywell Chainex 2000 Glove is supplied as a single glove and is fully reversible, meaning it can be worn on the left or right hand, making this an ambidextrous glove. It is made from a high-quality stainless steel Chainmesh which provides outstanding protection against both punctures and cuts to the hand. Lightweight and flexible, this Honeywell Chainex 2000 butcher glove also features a hardwearing nylon strap increasing the glove lifespan. 

This glove is very popular across most food industries including poultry, fish and other food processing workplaces. 

Product Features

- Made from high quality stainless steel chain mesh.

- Features a nylon strap.

- Reversable meaning it can be used on both right and left hand. 

- Dishwasher Machine friendly.

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