Trespade Atacama Cube Dehydrator

The TreSpade Atacama Cube Food dehydrator makes it possible to dry food easily at home. With easy-to-use controls, you can dry all types of food to create healthy snacks, from beef jerky to dried apple chunks.

So what are you waiting for, get creative with drying your meat, fruit, and veg at home?

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Product Details

Compact and portable, you can use it anywhere, anytime without compromising power or performance. The cube dehydrator offers food-grade ABS drying trays and manual thermostat control for total ease of use and customization.

The Atacama Cube has 2600cm² in drying space over its 6 trays, so there is plenty of room to pack in your favorite foods. The machine itself is made from high-quality Italian painted steel and reinforced nylon and comes with 4 anti-slip and anti-vibration rubber feet. 

Innovative, efficient, and easy to use, the Atacama dehydrator allows you to preserve meat, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and many other foods whilst ensuring rich flavor and lasting results over time.

The compact frame and streamlined design maximizes the drying process with its horizontal airflow system and precise temperature controls.

It’s now easier than ever to enjoy your favorite foods all year long, preserved naturally to create new recipes and culinary delights.

So what's it going to be beef jerky, dried fruit snacks, or even meringues. 


Product Details

- Structure in painted steel and reinforced nylon

- Six drying trays in food-grade ABS

- Total drying surface: 2,600 cm²

- Wide Flow technology by TreSpade to ensure uniform drying performance across every tray surface

- Standard voltage and frequency: 220-240V/50-60Hz.

- Weight: 4kg

- Dimensions: 27x26x35cm

- Resistor power: 500 W

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