Whiskey Oak Flavour Wood Bisquettes (120 pack)

A box of 120 Whiskey Oak Flavour Wood Bisquettes to use with your Bradley Smoker.
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Product Details 

These Whiskey Oak flavoured bisquettes offer a strong rich smoke flavour, made from oak whiskey barrels. They're ideal for smoking poultry, beef, pork, lamb, game, and waterfowl.

These wood bisquettes are the secret to the clean flavoured smoke within the Bradley Smoker. Each bisquette smokes for about 20 minutes & once loaded the burner will continue automatically with the next bisquette until you are finished.

Product Features

- Strong rich smoked flavour with accents of whiskey.

- Wood bisquettes burn for about 20 minutes.

- Very versatile works well with most meats and fish.

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