Bradley Cheese Smoking 'Magic' Mats (4)

A set of 4 cheese smoking mats to help prevent food from sticking whilst continuing to allow smoke to penetrate upwards into your food.
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Product Details

Set of 4 special mats for smoking cheese in the Bradley Smokers. An ideal accessory to ensure you can smoke cheese to a professional standard in your own Bradley Smoker. 

If you’re tired of your meat sticking to your smoker racks, these Bradley Magic Mats are made for you! The Magic Mats simply go onto your smoker racks, and your food sits on the mats, allowing you to move your food easily.

The fine mesh continues to allow smoke to penetrate food.

Product Features

- 4 mats per pack. 

- Can be used in all bradley smoker.

- Made from a non-stick mesh.

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