Wiltshire Sausage

Wiltshire Sausage
A meaty sausage from the south-west of England with warm flavours of mace, nutmeg and ginger.

The Wiltshire sausage often goes under the radar with the Cumberland and Lincolnshire being the British favourites, however, this sausage should not be underestimated.

A real family pleaser that offers heaps of flavour and has a real WOW factor about it.

Cook time: 30 Prep time: 20 Level Beginner


600g/1lb 3oz pork shoulder.

400g/14oz belly pork with a generous amount of fat.

15-20g PDV salt or any fine salt.

5ml/1tsp finely ground black pepper.

5ml/1tsp ground mace.

2.5ml/1/2tsp ground ginger.

2.5ml/1/2tsp ground nutmeg.

50-100g of breadcrumbs or rusk (depending on your preference)

Natural Hog Casings (Presoaked for 1 hour or preferably overnight)


Mince the meat for a plain pork sausage recipe.

Once the meat is minced, mix in the PDV salt, black pepper, mace, ginger, nutmeg and rusk. Get your hands in and mix thoroughly.

Put the meat into the fridge for at least 1 hour and let it cool.

Once cooled the mixture should now be ready to fill into the hog casings.

The Wiltshire sausage should be filled into hog casings and linked at approx 10cm lengths.

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