Smoked Cure Bacon Recipe

Smoked Cure Bacon Recipe
The Easicure Smoked Dry Cure is ideal for the traditional dry curing of Bacon and Hams, this is a complete cure that requires no additional salts. 

 As well as curing, it will give superior colour, texture and a mouthwatering smoky flavour to your bacon. 

This is our simple recipe that will come in handy when using this cure. As you get more confident feel free to add flavours to this cure, not that it needs it!

Cook time: 10 Prep time: 5 Level Beginner


  1. 1kg Pork Loin or Belly Pork


  1. 40g Easicure Smoked Dry Cure


  1. 1. Debone and trim your loin or belly or other meat. 


    1. 2. Weigh out the smoked cure to the weight of the meat at a rate of 4%. 


  1. 3. If you have a thick piece of meat or muscle joint it may be necessary to pierce the thicker muscles of the meat to aid penetration of the cure. Once you have done this, rub well into the surface of the meat and the rind. Get the salt into all of the nooks and crannies ensuring you distribute the cure evenly..


  1. 4. Put your meat into a vacuum bag or food safe non metallic container and store in the refrigerator at 2-4°C for 7 days. After day one and two, the juices can be drained off, and the meat can be turned over.


  1. 5.  After curing, wash the meat thoroughly to remove any excess salt and wrap in either muslin cloth or a dry cotton tea towel. The bacon should then be left in the fridge for at least 3-5 days to settle.


  1. 6. Your meat should now be ready to slice. Use a slicing machine or a sharp knife to slice through the meat.Weschenfelder Top Tip: As you get more confident with the process you can start adding more flavours to the smoked bacon cure, not that it needs it!

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