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Sausage Making Recipe Ideas

  • Salt Beef Recipe Using Weschenfelder's Salt Beef Curing Salts

    Make your own authentic Salt Beef using this superb Cure which contains regular Salt and the cure which helps preserve the Beef and fix the colour. The cure is a 'plain' cure with no additional herbs or spices so the attached recipe is just one of many you could use...
  • British Sausage Recipe Using Weschenfelder Seasonings

    Recipe for use with Weschenfelder Seasonings The following recipe is a guide to producing an English Style Sausage that will produce a fine succulent sausage at first attempt!   It is a recipe that produces a sausage with 75% meat content. For smaller mixes…reduce the quantities By proportion Once mastered….you can change and...
  • South African Boerewors Recipe

    South African Recipe for a Traditional Mildly Spiced Boerewors Thanks to Emil Coetzee of Bloemfontein for sharing this family recipe for Boerewors. This is a mildly spiced recipe which contains the Pimento, Coriander and Black Pepper that are the key features of Boerewors. 4.5kg Beef  ( stewing beef is ideal...
  • Polish Kielbasa Sausage Recipe

    Polish Kielbasa Sausages There are many variations of the classic Polish Kielbasa and recipes can vary from one region to another, so the attached recipe is just one of many but it captures the essence of the Kielbasa tradition. Kielbasa is also traditionally made in Spring so this recipe seemed...
  • Nurnberger Bratwurst Recipe

    Classic German Nurnberg Bratwurst As our family is originally from Nurnberg in the South of Germany, home of the famous Nurnberger Bratwurst, we just had to have this recipe high on the list. A Nurnberger is traditionally made into a very thin casing and linked into small sausages that are...
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