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Sausage Making Recipe Ideas

  • Chistorra

    Through popular demand for this tapas recipe, our Spanish friend Miguel who lives in Spain has kindly handed over this legendary recipe that his mother used.

    Chistorra is from Spain's Basque region. A fresh type of fast-cure sausage from Aragon and Navarre, Spain. Seasoned with smoked paprika De la Vera and fresh garlic, this super thin chorizo has a juicy, meaty flavor and a crisp bite. It can be considered a special type of chorizo. Made of minced pork, or a mixture of minced pork and beef, this meaty chorizo is encased in thin lamb casings.

    The ingredients are the same as those of the chorizo although its fat content is much higher. Chistorra differs from chorizo in addition to its reduced size (thin lamb casings are used to make it). Further, the chistorra is a product that should be consumed fresh and the time of maceration and curing does not usually exceed 5 days. Then it is kept cold and consumed as soon as possible.

    Typical spanish tapas: Delicious pork sausage called chistorra.

  • Haggis Recipe

    What used to be seen as food for the peasants is now seen as a Scottish delicacy and now one of the world’s most infamously bizarre foods thanks to the celebration of Burns Night. It is traditionally served at Burn’s Night Suppers on January 25th because Robert Burns, the bard of Scotland and a fan of the dish, wrote the poem ‘Address to a Haggis‘ calling it ‘great chieftan o’ the pudding-race!

    This should not however just be a one-off delicacy you eat once a year, it can be a great replacement for a Sunday dinner and why not when it tastes so good!

    To source pluck, just ask your local quality butcher who will be able to get hold of the lungs, heart and liver for you.

    Traditional cooked Scottish haggis with chopped fresh herbs on a wooden hopping board cut through to show the texture of the meat

  • Rabbit and Herb Sausages

    Rabbit sausages are slowly working their way back into most countertops of butchers here in Yorkshire, especially out in the sticks. So here's a classic recipe which Scott Rea has kindly given us.

    This one serves a large batch which will freeze well and can be used as and when.

  • Gourmet Orange & Cranberry Sausages

    There are no two flavours that sum up Christmas like orange and cranberry, so it's no surprise that when you put them together that they make an outstanding unique and flavoursome sausage!

    This is a real festive luxurious sausage that is perfect after a cold winters walk.

  • River Cottage HQ's West Country Cider Sausages

    Our good friend Steve Lamb at River Cottage HQ has passed us on this awesome recipe using the West Country Cider & Apple Mix and they are delicious! The recipe uses Kingston Black Aperitif which is a blend of Cider, Brandy and Apple juice from one of the finest and rarest vintage cider apples.

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  • Gourmet Pork & Chestnut

    This is a proper British Winter Warmer best served with creamy mash potato and a dollop of apple or cranberry sauce with lashings of gravy. This nutty sweet sausage is rich in flavour and comes with a peppery kick. This recipe will be enough to make a 20lb batch of sausages, more than enough to the feed the family!

  • Hog Roast Sausage

    Hog Roast Sausage is the ultimate sausage that brings together summer in one sausage. It's sweet appley tang complemented with the earthy flavours of sage along with the additional smokey tones really make this a sausage for everyone to enjoy! This recipe will make a 10lb batch of sausages.

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  • Paul Peacock's Biltong & Jerky Recipe

    Biltong is made from good quality steak such as sirloin, which is what I tend to use and make a kilo at a time. It 's pricey, but you get a great product.

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  • Bubble & Squeak Vegetarian Sausages

    Vegetarian sausages have long been the production of homemade vegetarian sausages is entirely possible thanks to these new Vegetarian Casings made from seaweed polysaccharides.

    These have proved to be much more successful for vegetarian sausage makers than the previous cellulose casing which often split.

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  • Quorn Vegetarian Sausages

    The production of vegetarian sausages is entirely possible thanks to the new Vegetarian Casings made from seaweed polysaccharides rather than the previous cellulose casings that often proved to be too troublesome for domestic use. There are some golden rules when making meat substitute sausages.

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