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Butchery Services

  • Probe Thermometers Guide

    There is something about a little blue sky that makes the thought of a glass of wine, a proper glass that makes a significant drain on the bottle, seem a million times more desirable when balanced perfectly on the shelf of the BBQ!

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  • Safe Cooking Temperatures Guide

    Accepted Safe Cooking Temperatures Guide

    Multiple Burgers In Buns

    This list has been compiled from various sources, including a number of governments around the world. Obviously, they are not compulsory and are only meant as a guide. After all, dishes such as steak tartare and many fish dishes are served uncooked!

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  • Lorne Sausage Recipe

    We don’t stock a specific Lorne Sausage Seasoning but we do get asked, and lots of Scots Ex-Pats are keen to have a go at making Scotland’s unique Square Sausage. So here is a good recipe for making your own Home Made Lorne Sausage. And thanks to Paul Peacock for supplying the recipe!

    Lorne sausages are the only sausages named after a comedian, Tommy Lorne. Well, that’s what Tommy Lorne said! All kinds of legends have grown up about him, and he isn’t even called Lorne, but Corcoran! Lorne sausage is mentioned long before his birth in 1890 so his claims were probably artistic license and the sausage has a long tradition in Scotland.
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  • Rich Summers Professional Butcher Services

    Professional Butchery Services Rich Summers is a freelance Butcher who is at the very top of his trade. With over two decades of experience he has a huge breadth of knowledge and skills at every level of the meat industry including a keen interest in Native Breeds and Artisanal Butchery...
  • Chris Moorby Specialist in the Art of British Charcuterie

    Private Tuition 'Butchery Skills' and Courses Chris has been steeped in the meat industry for over thirty five years and has always been enthusiastic about traditional artisan butchery. Having developed an interest in meat whilst working in a butchers shop and abattoir, Chris went on to master his craft as...