British Charcuterie Awards 2020/2021

British Charcuterie Awards 2020/2021
When you hear the words “cured meat”, does your mouth water as much as when you think of charcuterie? The French word sounds so much better, perhaps because we don’t expect cured meats to be British. But in actual fact, the British Charcuterie industry is booming, with a growing public interest in where meat comes from and the quality of the end product, it is clear to see why. The difference between factory-made charcuterie and British Charcuterie are now worlds apart. With Farm shops and Delis across the UK stocking up with British Charcuterie it is now easier than ever to get your hands on the best Charcuterie products Britain has to offer using British meat.

This year we are the proud sponsor of Class 7, 'British Regional Proudcts'. With so many British Charcuterers popping up around the UK, many of them are bringing back some old traditional charcuterie produce that would have been the fashion over 100 years ago. From Hogs Pudding to Lincolnshire Chine, we believe these quality British Regional Products should be celebrated and continue to live on as part of our culture.

Charcuterie from chair (flesh) and cuit (cooked) covers the wide range of Cured Meat, Poultry & Game products. These may be Continental in style – Salami, Chorizo, Pancetta etc – or British – Chaps, Chine, Bacon, Black Pudding, Haslet etc.

The British Charcuterie Live Awards has divided Charcuterie into 9 classes, where comparable products have been grouped together.


When Will the Awards begin?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the third year of judging for The British Charcuterie Live Awards 2020 has been carried over. The Awards will now be judged in the w/c 12th April 2021.

What will the awards be scored and What will the Entrants receive?

Judging is carried out blind. Feedback is an essential part of the judging process and written feedback on each product will be forwarded to the appropriate producer within 40 days of judging.

The judges will score and award points for each product. Products that reach Gold – 90+ out of 100, Silver – 80 -89 out of 100 and Bronze – 70-79 out of 100 will be eligible to carry the appropriate British Charcuterie Live Awards 2020 sticker on their products.


The Classes


Class 1 Cured, Air-Dried & Ready-to-Eat Whole Muscle Products

Based on the whole muscle these are cured and air-dried products that may or may not be cold-smoked. This class includes traditional products such as Prosciutto-style hams, Lomo, cold-smoked duck breasts or Coppa etc.

Class 2 Cured & Cooked Whole Muscle Products

Based on the whole muscle these need cooking - roasted, boiled, baked or hot-smoked - before eating. This class includes cooked hams, salt beef etc.

Class 3 Cured, Fermented & Air Dried Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products sponsored by Angel Refrigeration

These are traditional Salami and other ground meat products that may or may not be cold-smoked.

Class 4 Cured & Cooked Sausage Products

Based on cured sausage products these need cooking - typically poached or hot-smoked- before eating. This class includes Bologna, Mortadella, Luncheon Meats and hot-smoked Kielbasa etc.

Class 5 Soft & Spreadable Products

These are made from cured and/or preserved meats. This class includes Pates, Parfaits, Potted Meats and Rillettes as well as products such as 'Nduja, Lard, Sobresada etc.

Class 6 Cured Bacon

These may be green, cold- or hot-smoked but will need cooking before eating. This class includes streaky, shoulder or back bacon as well as rashers from other meats, poultry and game such as beef, duck etc.

Class 7 British Regional Products sponsored by your's truly - Weschenfelder

This class includes any traditional British regional recipes such as Hogs Pudding, Black Pudding, White Pudding, Haslett, Faggots, Bath Chaps, Lincolnshire Chine etc.

Class 8 "House Made" Products sponsored by The Staff Canteen

This class includes any charcuterie products made in a restaurant, hotel or pub kitchen by the kitchen staff for serving within their own restaurants and bars


Class 9 British Snacking Charcuterie sponsored by Chr. Hansen

This class recognises the huge growth in the market for British Charcuterie snacking products and includes salami sticks, snacking salami, mini salamis, biltong, jerky, scatchings, thins, fritons etc


Star Awards

Star Awards are open to and judged from products entered into classes 1-9 of The British Charcuterie Live Awards. Top scoring products from the judging of the classes are automatically put forward for the relevant Star Awards and maybe recalled for a separate judging.
Please note - The Star Awards cannot be entered separately.

Industry Champion sponsored by Red Tractor - NEW THIS YEAR

To be awarded to one innovative trail blazing producer who demonstrates a real passion for their craft.

  • This producer will have a strong commercial approach, is committed to driving up production standards.

  • Sources only from a British Farm Assured supply chain.

  • Must be either Salsa or BRC Approved or hold a Red Tractor meat processing licence - or is in the process of applying.

Champion of Champions Product sponsored by Worshipful Company of Butchers

All products achieving Gold (scoring 90+ points out of a possible 100) will automatically be put forward for The Champion of Champions Product.

Champion of Champions Producer sponsored by Worshipful Company of Butchers

To be awarded to the producer who performs best consistently over a number of classes - no less than 3 products spread over a minimum of 3 classes.

Best Black Pudding sponsored by BlackPudding.Club - NEW THIS YEAR

To be awarded to the best black pudding judged from Class 7 – British Regional Products & Class 8 – “House Made” Products

Best Game Product sponsored by Taste of Game

To be awarded to the best product made with a proportion of game

Best Home Grown Product

To be awarded to the best product made with the producers own livestock

Best New Product sponsored by Humidity Solutions

To be awarded to the best product new to market since September 1st 2019.

Best Smoked Product sponsored by Bradley Smokers - NEW THIS YEAR

To be awarded to the best cured and hot- or cold- smoked product

Best Traditional or Heritage Breed Product sponsored by Slow Food UK

Products must be made with meat from a British Traditional or Heritage breed* using a traditional recipe**. Vetting to be carried out by Slow Food UK.

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