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Thuringer Sausage Recipe

The classic German high meat content fresh or scalded sausage (gluten free).

Recipe for use:

For a 10kg batch,

Pork 95VL                  4.0KG

Pork Fat 10VL            2.0KG

Pork 50VL Diced        3.5KG

Water/Ice                    0.5KG


Cooking Salt              150 g

Thuringer seasoning  70 g

Bullifrisch                   100 g


Recommended casing is a 30/32mm hog casing.


1. Mince pork 95VL and Pork 10VL through a fine plate (4.5mm or 6mm).

2. Add water/ice and all ingredients to minced meat and mix thoroughly until all water is absorbed.

3. Add pork belly (50VL), mix well and remince everything through the fine plate.

4. After remincing, work the mix with your hands for about 5 minutes to ensure that enough protein is available. to bind the fat and water.

5. Fill into hog casings.

6. OPTIONALLY, the filled sausages can be cooked in hot water at 75-80C to a core temperature of 72C. If this is done the sausage will gain the typical texture and colour of a 'bratwurst'. After heating, the sausage should be cooled down in cold water. When cold they can be vacuum packed.

Useful Tip: The product does not contain any preservatives and should be consumed within 3 days. Always use well chilled meat and store at 2C.